Glide the galleries in the Centaur and avoid museum fatigue

We go to museums for all sorts of reasons. Cultural enlightenment, to find a soulmate or maybe just escape the rain.

But most of us agree on one thing. After about 30 minutes, no matter how captivating the exhibits, museum fatigue sets in. It’s been the subject of research for more than a century.

The visitor is not the only victim: the condition hits museum finances too.

Oh no! Museum fatigue! The Scream by Edvard Munch

Aching hips, lower back pain and a sore neck are classic symptoms of museum fatigue. We’ll happily walk for hours in the countryside. But this is usually at a steady pace, on softer ground, with plenty of fresh air to oxygenate our lungs.

In air-conditioned museums, there’s lots of standing and pondering, often at unusual angles, which puts uneven stress on muscles, tendons and joints. Walking on a hard marble floor doesn’t help.

Studies confirm that the first exhibits, when the visitors are freshest, attract the most attention. If people know their attention span and stamina are going to wane after such a short time, they’re less likely to fork out the admission fee.

Many communities with mobility problems, especially the elderly who are crucial to off-peak periods, find a museum visit daunting. And catering for new audiences, broadening the appeal of museums, is essential to help secure the public funds which so many museums rely on.

Glide silently between art works

What if we could overcome these problems? We’d not only enhance the visitor experience, but attract new customers too.

The Centaur
Avoid museum fatigue. Ride the Centaur.

The Centaur is a self-balancing personal electric vehicle designed for the job. It glides silently and comfortably between art works. It’s connected too, with collision avoidance software to prevent accidents. No craning of the neck with the Centaur – the seat rises up, allowing you to look Van Gogh in the eye.

It’s highly manoeuvrable and turns on a sixpence. You can browse the museum shop afterwards and the two-wheeled Centaur fits neatly under the table at the café for that welcome slice of cake or glass of wine.

A beautiful machine…

Imagine a fleet of them for hire, moving effortlessly through corridors and rooms.

The Centaur – the perfect accessory for an inquiring mind

Designed to help stop the spread of Covid-19 and other bugs, it’s sleek, quiet, very smart and transformational.

It’s also a beautiful machine – the perfect accessory for an inquiring mind. The Centaur will certainly start a conversation, even if the museum exhibits don’t. You never know, you may even meet your soulmate…