Retirement villages: ‘rental scheme would be ideal’

Rent a Centaur. Helping with short term mobility problems.

Retirement villages tackle social isolation and offer a new start for many older people. We looked at what difference a Centaur would make.

Richard, 65, lives on his own in one of the UK’s growing number of retirement villages. He’s recovering from surgery and is finding it difficult to walk because of arthritis. Until now, Richard has had to rely on canes. He’s really looking forward to walking again. “I just had both my hips placed because of arthritis,” he said. “If rehabilitation works, I’ll be able to walk unaided. I’ll probably need some help for my daily errands until rehabilitation is completed.”

Would love to ‘rent a Centaur’

He has rehabilitation classes planned to get him back on his feet, but while that’s going on he’ll need to rely on something else to get him around. He doesn’t know how he will manage this as he doesn’t want to buy anything outright as he may only need it for a few months. He’d love to be able to rent something like the Centaur.

The retirement village he lives in handled the pandemic well, but he’s still conscious of catching bugs and viruses, so has one eye on moving around safely, even after the pandemic.

What the Centaur will do for Richard

  • Richard only wants help getting around while he recovers. If he was able to hire a Centaur from the retirement village, that would be ideal.
  • Centaur Robotics has commissioned experts to produce virus resistant surfaces, which will help prevent the spread of diseases like Covid-19. This gives Richard additional peace of mind.
  • A mobility scooter is too big for his house. But the Centaur is small and easily manoeuvrable, good for both in and outdoors.
Retirement villages
Retirement villages and the Centaur: A perfect fit

Edward – finding it tough to keep mobile

Edward and his wife have lived in retirement villages for 30 years. They love it. Like so many retirement communities, theirs has keep-fit classes, bridge evenings and a bar and restaurant where they meet friends.

But now, at 85 and with a heart condition which leaves him breathless, Edward finds it tough to keep mobile. He also lost his driving licence, so regular drives into the country are a thing of the past.

“I get quickly out of breath if I have to walk,” Edward said. “I miss being able to drive. We used to go outside the village, visit places and meet other people.”

Out to dinner

Edward is losing his hearing too and uses a cane or a walking frame. He takes pride in his appearance and thinks mobility scooters are cheap-looking and cumbersome.

He and his wife visit friends’ homes for dinner, but he doesn’t like using the scooter and dreads being in a wheelchair. Although like many retirement villages, his handled the pandemic well, Edward’s still conscious of picking up bugs and viruses.

The Centaur

What the Centaur will do for Edward:

  • Because of its small footprint, he can use the Centaur at home, but also to travel locally. He can get to those bridge evenings.
  • The seat rises up too which means it’s easier for him to hear people during conversations. He’s at eye level with standing people.
  • He can go out for dinner at restaurants and others’ homes. There’s no fuss moving furniture. He just glides into his space at the table.
  • The Centaur is made with Covid-19 resistant materials.
  • And the Centaur looks good. That’s important for Edward.

Names have been changed