Showing off in front of the grandchildren…

The grandchildren will love the Centaur!

Retirement villages can breathe new life into your world – just like a Centaur. We took a further look at what difference to life inside these communities the revolutionary personal electric villages would make.

Joyce has been living in a retirement village for 15 years. She moved there with her husband who died eight years ago. She likes to go shopping in the nearby town centre, but is growing tired of walking back up the hill to her gated community.

The 67-year-old, who was interviewed by researchers working for Centaur Robotics, is also very keen on art galleries and museums, but just can’t handle standing for long periods of time. At the moment, Joyce needs to be sure the places she visits have plenty of benches where she can rest.

A fun, personal electric vehicle

Moving round the retirement village is really important for Joyce. She’s keen to see her friends and continue to take part in the many activities organised by the retirement village. She loves to see her grandchildren and when the pandemic is over she’ll have great fun showing off her cool new personal electric vehicle.

What the Centaur could do for Joyce

  • A centaur would make her journeys from the retirement village into town much easier. And she won’t have to leave the Centaur outside (unlike a mobility scooter) if she visited a café or restaurant. The arms drop down and it’s so manoeuvrable it can roll right into place at the table.
  • The Centaur is ideal for use in museums and art galleries. No more museum fatigue. And if the museum hires it out to users, people are more likely to visit, pushing up the numbers of off-peak visitors. It will be connected too, so can take you straight to the exhibit Joyce wants to see.
  • It’s built with Covid-19 resistant materials, so no worries there!
  • More fun time with the grandchildren.
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