Here are some frequently asked questions about the Centaur which we hope will help. If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch using our contact us form.

The Centaur

  • Why should I buy a Centaur?

    The Centaur is a lightweight, sleek personal electric vehicle with a smooth and responsive ride.

    Its tight turning circle and small footprint will help you navigate busy pavements, move around crowded pubs and sit at your favourite table in that tiny restaurant.

    And with a seat that rises at the touch of a button, you can reach high objects on shelves and look standing people in the eye.

  • Who can use the Centaur?

    The Centaur is designed for people with good trunk mobility who weigh no more than 330lbs (that’s just over 23 stones). Wider seats will become available in the second production phase so please let us know if you need one. We do not provide additional head or lumbar support at the moment.

  • Can I add accessories to my Centaur?

    Yes. Accessories are planned and can be added to the Centaur. We’ll have luggage, security, lights and more. And we’d love to hear your suggestions for other accessories.

  • How fast can it go?

    The Centaur can travel up to a very brisk walking pace. That’s about 4 mph or 6.4 kph.

  • What tyres are the Centaur fitted with?

    The Centaur’s tyres are puncture-proof and low profile, which means faster cornering, more stability on the straight and on the curves.

  • What colour does the Centaur come in?

    The Centaur is finished in gloss white and silver. Other colours will become available as we increase our production run.

  • What is the Centaur’s range?

    There’s plenty of range for normal daily use. We will announce specifics soon although we are working hard to ensure we’re providing you more power and range.

  • How much does it weigh?

    The Centaur is light and designed to easily dismantle and load into a car. It only weighs 47.5 kgs. That’s only 105 lbs.

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