We understand this is a new concept.

Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions. If you have any others, then please get in touch and one of our team will support you.

Why is the Centaur different from other mobility vehicles?

The Centaur is a self-balancing chair, with only two wheels, which makes it very nimble, unlike four-wheel vehicles which require backwards and forwards shifting to negotiate doorways or obstacles.  Tough and powerful, the Centaur is also smaller than many other powered aids to mobility, which means it works well in the home without any expensive adaptations. 

Unlike most other vehicles, the Centaur also elevates, allowing the rider to have an eye-to-eye conversation when seated, reach higher shelves or adjust to the perfect height when at a table. Most importantly, because it is sleek and elegant, you see the rider of a Centaur, not the chair.

Is the self-balancing safe?

Yes it is.  The Centaur has been constructed to exacting automotive standards, design and safety protocols and it is as robust and reliable as a new car from a major manufacturer.  The easy-to-use, self-balancing mechanism consists of powerful motors controlled by proven software and high-quality components.  Additional safety measures are built-in. 

For example, if one wheel were to lose traction, the Centaur can easily balance on the other wheel. Or if were to run out of power, the Centaur would deploy its stabiliser legs and lower gently to the park position.  

Can I get the Centaur in different colours?

Not yet.  We are concentrating on producing a beautiful, high-quality personal vehicle and we will keep things simple in the early days. 

However, we appreciate that riders will want to personalise their Centaur and we hope to offer suitable quality accessories.

Can the Centaur be used outside?

The Centaur is a personal vehicle at home in pedestrian areas. It moves happily at 4mph for 10 for more miles in all weathers over any relatively smooth surface.

While it is a very capable machine, it is not designed to traverse rough terrain or deep gravel or sand.

How much does the Centaur weigh?

The Centaur is a stable, powerful aid to mobility and it is therefore quite a substantial vehicle.  At around 75kg, it is not easily transportable except in a especially adapted car.  However, it is possible to dismantle a Centaur into two sections and reassemble at the destination.

When can I expect my Centaur to be delivered?

We will deliver Centaurs on a first-come, first-served basis from December 2023.  We will update individual customers on the expected manufacture and delivery dates.  Customers are always welcome to contact us for more information on specific timing.

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