Woman reaching into kitchen cupboard on a Centaur wheelchair.

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Whether it’s for you or a loved one, the Centaur offers the option to access the world without limits.

Why should you choose The Centaur?

The Centaur is a self-balancing chair, with only two wheels, which makes it very nimble, unlike four-wheel vehicles which require backwards and forwards shifting to negotiate doorways or obstacles.  

Tough and powerful, the Centaur is also smaller than many other powered aids to mobility, which means it works well in the home without any expensive adaptations. 

Unlike most other vehicles, the Centaur also elevates, allowing the rider to have an eye-to-eye conversation when seated, reach higher shelves or adjust to the perfect height for sitting at a table. Moreover, being discreet and elegant, people see the rider of a Centaur, not so much the chair.

For a £100, fully refundable deposit, you can be one of the first to receive this innovative and beautifully designed mobility vehicle.

The price of the Centaur is £6,225 excluding VAT, however the Centaur qualifies for VAT exemption. You can provide these details when you pay the balance.

Full payment is only due when the Centaur is ready for dispatch. We anticipate delivery by June 2024. We will keep you informed.

Please read our terms and conditions before placing your order.

Price: £ 100.00
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