Centaur Robotics

Designed to be different

“The Centaur gives you freedom to do what you want, when you want. It’s empowering.”

Paralympian Baroness Tanni Grey-Thompson

The Centaur is a revolutionary electric vehicle designed to keep people mobile whatever their age.

It fits into the space of a dining room chair, spins in its footprint and easily negotiates narrow doorways.

The Centaur also elevates, allowing the rider to reach higher shelves, adjust to the perfect height at a bar or a table and enjoy eye-to-eye conversations with others who are standing.

Unique, self-balancing technology, developed by automotive engineers at Centaur Robotics, allows it to do all of this on just two wheels.

Stylish, elegant and slim, the Centaur is designed so you see the person, not the chair. It is a revolution in micromobility.

An end to traditional wheelchairs?

Who is it for? The Centaur is for everyone. From those who need a little help with their mobility on a busy day to discerning people who need full-time mobility assistance. For those who already have a wheelchair and for those who don’t want one.

For those who want to stand out and stay active and are wiser and more adventurous as they age. For those who want to keep on the move and in touch with the world.

The Centaur helps people stay independent and at home with loved ones for longer. And because it is designed for the world we live in, there is no need for expensive alterations to houses and offices. It is safe and easy to use.

But it’s more than just a wheelchair alternative. It’s empowering, a thing of beauty. Whether in your favourite restaurant or down the local, you’ll look good in the Centaur.

We all want to be included. It is human nature, but when obstacles appear we can end up having a totally different view of the world. This is especially prevalent when we are presented with micro mobility aids (like the wheelchair) that just don’t fit in today’s modern world.

Not just for individuals…
We want to ensure that all those within our ageing society have access to this innovative option instead of having to default to a standard wheelchair.

Wheelchairs within retirement homes, hospitals and hospices, should embody inclusivity and allow their clients to experience the world as interactively as possible. This is where we step in. 

Be part of the future.
Be who you are.

Proudly made in Britain

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