Centaur specifications

How high?

The seat of the Centaur reaches a maximum height of 820mm when elevated. For comparison, the average height of a bar stool in the UK is about 700mm. Once the Centaur is parked, the user can elevate the chair to any distance between 480mm and 820mm.

How low?

The Centaur seat is 480mm from the ground at its lowest when underway or parked at a table. A standard dining table is 760mm giving you plenty of clearance between the Centaur and the table top.

How wide?

The Centaur is 470mm wide (about 18.5 inches) and easily fits through standard doorways.

The Centaur can also turn within its
own footprint


The Centaur weighs about 75kg. It can be dismantled into three parts for easy transportation on the back seat or boot of a car.


It takes between 1.5 to 2 hours to charge the Centaur’s lithium-ion battery from zero to 100% using a charger which plugs into any domestic electrical socket.


The Centaur can reach up to 4mph on flat ground. It easily negotiates pavements, tarmac, carpeted, polished and tiled floors. It is not intended for off-road use.

Wheels & Carry Capacity

Its tyres are puncture proof and 125mm wide.

Rider maximum weight is 120kgs (264lbs or just under 19 stone).


The Centaur can travel up or down a 1:12 (4.7 degree) slope.

It can mount a dropped kerb, but like most other similar vehicles, not a 80/100mm standard kerb.

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