Listen: It’s about self-respect!


Centaur Robotics chairman Eric Kihlstrom appeared live on BBC Radio Ulster talking about mobility, independence and how the Centaur can help combat loneliness. To an audience of about 500,000 people, Eric explained how the Centaur helps people stay connected.

The Centaur, our ground-breaking self-balancing vehicle, was selected for the 2023 Design Age Institute’s Pathfinder Innovation Programme.

Design Age Institute logo

As one of these innovative businesses using good design to support happier and healthier ageing, we were invited on to the BBC Radio Ulster’s Sunday with Steven Rainey to discuss how design-led innovation can make change happen.

Left: Eric Kihlstrom at the Design Age Institute’s Pathfinder pop-up event.

Click play to hear the interview. Length about 5.35 minutes.